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 IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband

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IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband Empty
PostSubject: IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband   IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband EmptyTue Sep 16, 2008 10:39 am


aku ade product baru utk dijual....
ini adelah teknologi 4G...daripade iburst...iburst ni hny 12 negare je gune...malaysia ke 13....

sedikit pengenalan....

iBurst Wireless Broadband Solution is brought to you by iZZinet Sdn
Bhd. iBurst is a wireless broadband Internet system which uses adaptive-array antenna technology as well as SDMA,
multi-carrier wideband and other technologies to achieve high speed,
high capacity and excellent portability. It makes broadband
Internet access easy at any time or place, including real-time
video streaming, large-volume data downloads and web browsing.

nie produk yg aku jual
IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband Products_2c_06
-(PCMCIA)utk Laptop sahaja

-RM66 X 12bulan + RM82(activation)=RM874
free device bernilai RM699

Package baru
IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband Products_2c_17

IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband Products_2c_08
-USB,utk Laptop n Desktop

-RM98 X 12bulan + RM82=RM1258
free device RM759

IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband Products_2c_10
-utk desktop,sharing 4-5 org....

-RM118 X 12bulan + RM82=RM1498
free device RM929

-stakat nie mmg klang valley/lembah klang je ade....
kecuali putrajaya,cyber,rawang...

-utk pastikan umah korg ade coverage @ xde....sbb ade blindspot
aku bgi FREE DEMO TEST kat umah/office korg.....

-area klang Valley saje ade 75 station base..covered 13km each station...
so naik bas,teksi..g makan mamak...leh surf....

-download speed up to 1mbps

call/sms racer 019-222 4025/016-6615829
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IZZI 4G Wireless Broadband
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